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1960 1961 1962 1963 1964 1965 1966 Pontiac Conversion Power Brake Booster And Master Cylinder Unit

1960-1966 Pontiac Conversion Power Brake Booster And Master Cylinder Unit

1960 1961 1962 1963 1964 1965 1966 Buick Conversion Power Brake Booster And Master Cylinder Unit

1960-1966 Buick Conversion Power Brake Booster And Master Cylinder Unit

1967 1968 1969 1970 Pontiac Conversion Power Brake Booster And Master Cylinder Unit

1967-1970 Pontiac Conversion Power Brake Booster And Master Cylinder Unit


1960-1966 Pontiac Conversion Power Brake Booster And Master Cylinder Unit







Please check the Matching Vehicles tab to confirm this part is applicable to your vehicle.

This is a power brake conversion booster and master cylinder. This is commonly used with our disc brake kit systems, but can upgrade the original booster/master cylinder for drum brake systems. The booster included with this system is 9 inches in diameter and a dual diaphragm for more power. For additional information please contact us directly. 

This unit has a DUAL line master cylinder. Some modification to the original brake lines may be required, such as changing of the original the brake lines and installing additional tubing. If you would like standard 3/16-Inch tubing included, please select the option above. This will include 25 Feet of 3/16-Inch brake line as well as an assorted fitting kit to help with the conversion and installation.

The original factory booster has approximately 800-1000 PSI. 

This conversion booster has approximately 1200-1400 PSI with 16 inches of vacuum. This has 400-600 PSI more than the original for better stopping power.


**These kits are disc brake conversion kits. They are designed to convert vehicles with original drum brakes utilizing the original spindles. Many of these kits will bolt on directly to the original parts but some may need some minor modifications. If you have any questions we do offer tech support. All kits are backed with a 1 year guarantee from date of purchase to be free of defects in materials and workmanship. The guarantee covers replacement of defective part and does not cover installation, labor costs, special freight, or incidental damages and is void in the event of misuse, improper installation, or misdiagnosis.

1960PontiacBonneville2-Door Convertible
1960PontiacBonneville2-Door Hardtop Sport Coupe
1960PontiacBonneville4-Door Safari (2 Seat)
1960PontiacBonneville4-Door Vista Hardtop
1960PontiacCatalina2-Door Convertible
1960PontiacCatalina2-Door Hardtop Sport Coupe
1960PontiacCatalina2-Door Sport Sedan
1960PontiacCatalina4-Door Safari (2 Seat)
1960PontiacCatalina4-Door Safari (3 Seat)
1960PontiacCatalina4-Door Sedan
1960PontiacCatalina4-Door Vista Hardtop
1960PontiacStar Chief2-Door Sport Sedan
1960PontiacStar Chief4-Door Sedan
1960PontiacStar Chief4-Door Vista Hardtop
1960PontiacVentura2-Door Hardtop Sport Coupe
1960PontiacVentura4-Door Vista Hardtop
1961PontiacBonneville2-Door Convertible
1961PontiacBonneville4-Door Safari (2 Seat)
1961PontiacBonneville4-Door Vista Hardtop
1961PontiacCatalina2-Door Convertible
1961PontiacCatalina4-Door Safari (2 Seat)
1961PontiacCatalina4-Door Safari (3 Seat)
1961PontiacCatalina4-Door Sedan
1961PontiacCatalina4-Door Vista Hardtop
1961PontiacStar Chief4-Door Sedan
1961PontiacStar Chief4-Door Vista Hardtop
1961PontiacVentura4-Door Vista Hardtop
1962PontiacBonneville2-Door Convertible
1962PontiacBonneville2-Door Hardtop Sport Coupe
1962PontiacBonneville4-Door Safari (2 Seat)
1962PontiacBonneville4-Door Vista Hardtop
1962PontiacCatalina2-Door Convertible
1962PontiacCatalina2-Door Hardtop Sport Coupe
1962PontiacCatalina2-Door Sport Sedan
1962PontiacCatalina4-Door Safari (2 Seat)
1962PontiacCatalina4-Door Safari (3 Seat)
1962PontiacCatalina4-Door Sedan
1962PontiacCatalina4-Door Vista Hardtop
1962PontiacGrand Prix2-Door Hardtop Sport Coupe
1962PontiacStar Chief4-Door Sedan
1962PontiacStar Chief4-Door Vista Hardtop
1963PontiacBonneville2-Door Convertible
1963PontiacBonneville2-Door Hardtop Sport Coupe
1963PontiacBonneville4-Door Safari (2 Seat)
1963PontiacBonneville4-Door Vista Hardtop
1963PontiacCatalina2-Door Convertible
1963PontiacCatalina2-Door Hardtop Sport Coupe
1963PontiacCatalina2-Door Sport Sedan
1963PontiacCatalina4-Door Safari (2 Seat)
1963PontiacCatalina4-Door Safari (3 Seat)
1963PontiacCatalina4-Door Sedan
1963PontiacCatalina4-Door Vista Hardtop
1963PontiacStar Chief4-Door Sedan
1963PontiacStar Chief4-Door Vista Hardtop
1964PontiacBonneville2-Door Convertible
1964PontiacBonneville2-Door Hardtop Sport Coupe
1964PontiacBonneville4-Door Safari (2 Seat)
1964PontiacBonneville4-Door Vista Hardtop
1964PontiacCatalina2-Door Convertible
1964PontiacCatalina2-Door Hardtop Sport Coupe
1964PontiacCatalina2-Door Sport Sedan
1964PontiacCatalina4-Door Safari (2 Seat)
1964PontiacCatalina4-Door Safari (3 Seat)
1964PontiacCatalina4-Door Sedan
1964PontiacCatalina4-Door Vista Hardtop
1964PontiacStar Chief4-Door Sedan
1964PontiacStar Chief4-Door Vista Hardtop
1964PontiacTempest2-Door Coupe
1964PontiacTempest4-Door Safari (2 Seat)
1964PontiacTempest4-Door Sedan
1965PontiacBonneville2-Door Convertible
1965PontiacBonneville2-Door Hardtop Sport Coupe
1965PontiacBonneville4-Door Safari (2 Seat)
1965PontiacBonneville4-Door Vista Hardtop
1965PontiacCatalina2-Door Convertible
1965PontiacCatalina2-Door Hardtop Sport Coupe
1965PontiacCatalina2-Door Sedan
1965PontiacCatalina4-Door Safari (2 Seat)
1965PontiacCatalina4-Door Safari (3 Seat)
1965PontiacCatalina4-Door Sedan
1965PontiacCatalina4-Door Vista Hardtop
1965PontiacLeMans2-Door Convertible
1965PontiacLeMans2-Door Coupe
1965PontiacLeMans2-Door Sport Coupe
1965PontiacLeMans4-Door Sedan
1965PontiacStar Chief4-Door Sedan
1965PontiacStar Chief4-Door Vista Hardtop
1965PontiacTempest2-Door Coupe
1965PontiacTempest4-Door Safari (2 Seat)
1965PontiacTempest4-Door Sedan
1965PontiacTempest Custom2-Door Convertible
1965PontiacTempest Custom2-Door Hardtop Sport Coupe
1965PontiacTempest Custom4-Door Safari (2 Seat)
1965PontiacTempest Custom4-Door Sedan
1966PontiacBonneville2-Door Convertible
1966PontiacBonneville2-Door Hardtop Sport Coupe
1966PontiacBonneville4-Door Safari (2 Seat)
1966PontiacBonneville4-Door Vista Hardtop
1966PontiacCatalina2-Door Convertible
1966PontiacCatalina2-Door Hardtop
1966PontiacCatalina2-Door Sedan
1966PontiacCatalina4-Door Hardtop
1966PontiacCatalina4-Door Safari (2 Seat)
1966PontiacCatalina4-Door Safari (3 Seat)
1966PontiacCatalina4-Door Sedan
1966PontiacGrand Prix2-Door Hardtop Sport Coupe
1966PontiacGTO2-Door Convertible
1966PontiacGTO2-Door Hardtop
1966PontiacGTO2-Door Sport Coupe
1966PontiacLeMans2-Door Convertible
1966PontiacLeMans2-Door Coupe
1966PontiacLeMans2-Door Sport Coupe
1966PontiacLeMans4-Door Hardtop
1966PontiacStar Chief2-Door Hardtop
1966PontiacStar Chief4-Door Hardtop
1966PontiacStar Chief4-Door Sedan
1966PontiacTempest2-Door Coupe
1966PontiacTempest4-Door Safari (2 Seat)
1966PontiacTempest4-Door Sedan
1966PontiacTempest Custom2-Door Convertible
1966PontiacTempest Custom2-Door Hardtop
1966PontiacTempest Custom2-Door Sport Coupe
1966PontiacTempest Custom4-Door Safari (2 Seat)
1966PontiacTempest Custom4-Door Sedan
1964PontiacTempest Custom2-Door Convertible
1964PontiacTempest Custom4-Door Safari (2 Seat)
1964PontiacTempest-LeMans2-Door Sport Coupe
1964PontiacTempest Custom2-Door Coupe
1964PontiacTempest Custom4-Door Sedan
1964PontiacTempest-LeMans2-Door Convertible
1964PontiacTempest-LeMans2-Door Coupe
1966PontiacCatalina (2+2)2-Door Convertible
1966PontiacCatalina (2+2)2-Door Hardtop
1961PontiacBonneville2-Door Hardtop Sport Coupe
1961PontiacCatalina2-Door Hardtop Sport Coupe
1961PontiacCatalina2-Door Sport Sedan
1961PontiacVentura2-Door Hardtop Sport Coupe
1961PontiacTempest2-Door Custom Coupe
1961PontiacTempest2-Door Standard Coupe
1961PontiacTempest4-Door Safari (2 Seat)
1961PontiacTempest4-Door Sedan
1962PontiacTempest2-Door Convertible
1962PontiacTempest2-Door Sport Coupe
1962PontiacTempest2-Door Standard Coupe
1962PontiacTempest4-Door Safari (2 Seat)
1962PontiacTempest4-Door Sedan
1963PontiacTempest2-Door Convertible
1963PontiacTempest2-Door Coupe
1963PontiacTempest2-Door Sport Coupe
1963PontiacTempest4-Door Safari (2 Seat)
1963PontiacTempest4-Door Sedan
1963PontiacTempest-LeMans2-Door Convertible
1963PontiacTempest-LeMans2-Door Sport Coupe
1963PontiacGrand Prix2-Door Hardtop Sport Coupe
1964PontiacGrand Prix2-Door Hardtop Sport Coupe
1965PontiacGrand Prix2-Door Hardtop Sport Coupe

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