1953 1954 1955 Buick, Oldsmobile, and Pontiac (See Details) Power Steering Pump REBUILT

1953-1955 Buick, Oldsmobile, and Pontiac (See Details) Power Steering Pump REBUILT

1952 1953 1954 1955 Buick And Oldsmobile Power Steering Pump Reservoir Gasket Set (4 Pieces) REPRODUCTION Free Shipping In The USA

1952-1955 Buick And Oldsmobile Power Steering Pump Reservoir Gasket Set (4 Pieces) REPRODUCTION Free Shipping In The USA


1953-1955 Buick, Oldsmobile, and Pontiac (See Details) Power Steering Pump REBUILT



Free Shipping In The USA



REBUILT. You are purchasing a power steering pump. Comes with fittings and grease. The core for this pump must be returned with the relief valve, spring and fitting or no core credit will be issued. Please read the core policy for more information. Group # 6.605. Part # 5682664

The eligible casting numbers for these units are:




There may be other casting numbers for Saginaw or Vickers units that we are not aware of at this time. Please compare to yours to ensure proper fitment. Please contact us directly with any questions. 


Please check the Matching Vehicles tab to confirm this part is applicable to your vehicle.

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1953OldsmobileSeries 982-Door Deluxe Convertible
1953OldsmobileSeries 982-Door Fiesta Convertible
1953OldsmobileSuper 882-Door Deluxe Convertible
1954PontiacChieftain2-Door Deluxe Sedan
1954PontiacChieftain2-Door Sedan
1954PontiacChieftain4-Door Deluxe Sedan
1954PontiacChieftain4-Door Deluxe Station Wagon
1954PontiacChieftain4-Door Sedan
1954PontiacChieftain4-Door Station Wagon (2 Seat)
1954PontiacChieftain4-Door Station Wagon (3 Seat)
1954PontiacStar Chief2-Door Convertible
1954PontiacStar Chief4-Door Deluxe Sedan
1954PontiacStar Chief4-Door Sedan
1955PontiacChieftain2-Door Catalina Hardtop Coupe
1955PontiacChieftain2-Door Deluxe Sedan
1955PontiacChieftain2-Door Sedan
1955PontiacChieftain2-Door Station Wagon
1955PontiacChieftain4-Door Deluxe Station Wagon
1955PontiacChieftain4-Door Sedan
1955PontiacChieftain4-Door Station Wagon
1955PontiacStar Chief2-Door Catalina Hardtop Coupe
1955PontiacStar Chief2-Door Convertible
1955PontiacStar Chief2-Door Safari Sport Wagon
1955PontiacStar Chief4-Door Deluxe Sedan
1955PontiacStar Chief4-Door Sedan
1953OldsmobileDeluxe 882-Door Sedan
1953OldsmobileDeluxe 884-Door Sedan
1953OldsmobileSeries 982-Door Deluxe Holiday Coupe
1953OldsmobileSeries 984-Door Deluxe Sedan
1953OldsmobileSuper 882-Door Deluxe Holiday Coupe
1953OldsmobileSuper 882-Door Deluxe Sedan
1953OldsmobileSuper 884-Door Deluxe Sedan
1954PontiacChieftain2-Door Catalina Hardtop Coupe
1954PontiacChieftain2-Door Catalina Super Deluxe Hardtop Coupe
1954PontiacStar Chief2-Door Catalina Hardtop Coupe
1954OldsmobileSeries 882-Door Holiday Coupe
1954OldsmobileSeries 882-Door Sedan
1954OldsmobileSeries 884-Door Sedan
1954OldsmobileSeries 982-Door Deluxe Convertible
1954OldsmobileSeries 982-Door Holiday Coupe
1954OldsmobileSeries 984-Door Deluxe Sedan
1954OldsmobileSuper 882-Door Deluxe Convertible
1954OldsmobileSuper 882-Door Deluxe Holiday Coupe
1954OldsmobileSuper 882-Door Deluxe Sedan
1954OldsmobileSuper 884-Door Deluxe Sedan
1955OldsmobileSeries 882-Door Holiday Coupe
1955OldsmobileSeries 882-Door Sedan
1955OldsmobileSeries 884-Door Holiday Sedan
1955OldsmobileSeries 884-Door Sedan
1955OldsmobileSeries 982-Door Deluxe Convertible
1955OldsmobileSeries 982-Door Deluxe Holiday Coupe
1955OldsmobileSeries 984-Door Deluxe Holiday Sedan
1955OldsmobileSeries 984-Door Deluxe Sedan
1955OldsmobileSuper 882-Door Deluxe Convertible
1955OldsmobileSuper 882-Door Deluxe Holiday Coupe
1955OldsmobileSuper 882-Door Deluxe Sedan
1955OldsmobileSuper 884-Door Deluxe Holiday Sedan
1955OldsmobileSuper 884-Door Deluxe Sedan
1953BuickSuper Series2-Door Convertible
1953BuickSuper Series2-Door Riviera Coupe
1953BuickSuper Series4-Door Estate Wagon
1953BuickSuper Series4-Door Riviera Sedan
1953BuickRoadmaster4-Door Sedan (Power Windows)
1953BuickRoadmaster4-Door Sedan
1953BuickRoadmaster2-Door Riviera Coupe
1953BuickSuper Series4-Door Riviera Sedan (Power Windows)
1953BuickRoadmaster Skylark2-Door Convertible
1953BuickRoadmaster4-Door Estate Wagon
1953BuickSpecial Series2-Door Convertible
1953BuickSpecial Series2-Door Riviera Coupe
1953BuickSpecial Series2-Door Tourback Sedan
1953BuickSpecial Series4-Door Tourback Sedan
1954BuickCentury Series2-Door Convertible
1954BuickCentury Series2-Door Riviera Coupe
1954BuickCentury Series4-Door Riviera Estate Wagon
1954BuickCentury Series4-Door Tourback Sedan
1954BuickRoadmaster2-Door Convertible
1954BuickRoadmaster2-Door Riviera Coupe
1954BuickRoadmaster4-Door Sedan
1954BuickSkylark2-Door Convertible
1954BuickSpecial Series2-Door Convertible
1954BuickSpecial Series2-Door Riviera Coupe
1954BuickSpecial Series2-Door Tourback Sedan
1954BuickSpecial Series4-Door Estate Wagon
1954BuickSpecial Series4-Door Tourback Sedan
1954BuickSuper Series2-Door Convertible
1954BuickSuper Series2-Door Riviera Coupe
1954BuickSuper Series4-Door Riviera Sedan
1955BuickCentury Series2-Door Convertible
1955BuickCentury Series2-Door Riviera Coupe
1955BuickCentury Series4-Door Riviera Estate Wagon
1955BuickCentury Series4-Door Riviera Sedan
1955BuickCentury Series4-Door Tourback Sedan
1955BuickRoadmaster2-Door Convertible
1955BuickRoadmaster2-Door Riviera Coupe
1955BuickRoadmaster4-Door Sedan
1955BuickSpecial Series2-Door Convertible
1955BuickSpecial Series2-Door Riviera Coupe
1955BuickSpecial Series2-Door Tourback Sedan
1955BuickSpecial Series4-Door Estate Wagon
1955BuickSpecial Series4-Door Riviera Sedan
1955BuickSpecial Series4-Door Tourback Sedan
1955BuickSuper Series2-Door Convertible
1955BuickSuper Series2-Door Riviera Coupe
1955BuickSuper Series4-Door Sedan
1953BuickRoadmaster2-Door Convertible

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