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1940-1957 Buick, Oldsmobile, And Pontiac (See Details) Window Channel And Felt Kit (10 Pieces)

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1940-1957 Buick, Oldsmobile, And Pontiac (See Details) Window Channel And Felt Kit (10 Pieces)



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This ten (10) piece Window Felt and Run Channel set includes the inner and outer window felts, upper and lower rigid run channels, and flexible run channels needed to complete two (2) doors.


2 Upper Rigid Channels

2 Lower Rigid Channels

2 Inner Window Sweeps

2 Outer Window Sweeps

2 Flexible Window Channels - 5 Foot Length


Hand Crafted. Quality Manufactured. Guaranteed to Fit.

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1940BuickCentury2-Door Sport Coupe (Full Rear Seat)
1940BuickCentury4-Door Touring Sedan
1940BuickCentury4-Door Touring Sedan (Turret Top)
1940BuickLimited4-Door Formal Touring Sedan
1940BuickLimited4-Door Limousine
1940BuickLimited4-Door Limousine Sedan
1940BuickLimited4-Door Sedan
1940BuickLimited4-Door Streamline Formal Sport Sedan
1940BuickLimited4-Door Streamline Sport Sedan
1940BuickLimited4-Door Touring Sedan
1940BuickRoadmaster2-Door Sport Coupe (Full Rear Seat)
1940BuickRoadmaster4-Door Touring Sedan
1940BuickSpecial2-Door Buisiness Coupe
1940BuickSpecial2-Door Sport Coupe (Full Rear Seat)
1940BuickSpecial2-Door Touring Sedan
1940BuickSpecial2-Door Touring Sedan (Turret Top)
1940BuickSpecial4-Door Touring Sedan
1940BuickSpecial4-Door Touring Sedan (Turret Top)
1940BuickSuper2-Door Sport Coupe (Full Rear Seat)
1940BuickSuper4-Door Touring Sedan
1940OldsmobileSeries 60 (Model F)2-Door Business Coupe
1940OldsmobileSeries 60 (Model F)2-Door Club Coupe
1940OldsmobileSeries 60 (Model F)2-Door Touring Sedan
1940OldsmobileSeries 60 (Model F)4-Door Station Wagon
1940OldsmobileSeries 60 (Model F)4-Door Touring Sedan
1940OldsmobileSeries 70 (Model G)2-Door Business Coupe
1940OldsmobileSeries 70 (Model G)2-Door Club Coupe
1940OldsmobileSeries 70 (Model G)2-Door Touring Sedan
1940OldsmobileSeries 70 (Model G)4-Door Touring Sedan
1940OldsmobileSeries 90 (Model L)2-Door Club Coupe
1940OldsmobileSeries 90 (Model L)4-Door Touring Sedan
1940PontiacDeluxe Eight2-Door Business Coupe
1940PontiacDeluxe Eight2-Door Sport Coupe
1940PontiacDeluxe Eight2-Door Touring Coupe
1940PontiacDeluxe Eight4-Door Touring Sedan
1940PontiacDeluxe Six2-Door Business Coupe
1940PontiacDeluxe Six2-Door Sport Coupe
1940PontiacDeluxe Six2-Door Touring Coupe
1940PontiacDeluxe Six4-Door Touring Sedan
1940PontiacSpecial Six2-Door Business Coupe
1940PontiacSpecial Six2-Door Sport Coupe
1940PontiacSpecial Six2-Door Touring Coupe
1940PontiacSpecial Six4-Door Station Wagon
1940PontiacSpecial Six4-Door Touring Sedan
1940PontiacTorpedo Eight2-Door Sport Coupe
1940PontiacTorpedo Eight4-Door Touring Sedan
1941BuickCentury2-Door Sedanette
1941BuickCentury2-Door Sedanette Business Coupe
1941BuickCentury4-Door Touring Sedan
1941BuickLimited4-Door Formal Sedan
1941BuickLimited4-Door Limousine (Auxillary Seats)
1941BuickLimited4-Door Limousine Sedan (Auxillary Seats)
1941BuickLimited4-Door Touring Sedan
1941BuickRoadmaster2-Door Sport Coupe (Full Rear Seat)
1941BuickRoadmaster4-Door Touring Sedan
1941BuickSpecial2-Door Business Coupe
1941BuickSpecial2-Door Deluxe Sedanette
1941BuickSpecial2-Door Sedanette
1941BuickSpecial2-Door Sedanette Business Coupe
1941BuickSpecial2-Door Sport Coupe
1941BuickSpecial4-Door Deluxe Touring Sedan
1941BuickSpecial4-Door Estate Wagon
1941BuickSpecial4-Door Sedan
1941BuickSpecial4-Door Touring Sedan
1941BuickSuper2-Door Business Coupe
1941BuickSuper2-Door Convertible Coupe (Full Rear Seat)
1941BuickSuper2-Door Sport Coupe (Full Rear Seat)
1941BuickSuper4-Door Touring Sedan
1941Oldsmobile96 Custom Cruiser (Model H)2-Door Club Coupe
1941Oldsmobile96 Custom Cruiser (Model H)4-Door Sedan
1941Oldsmobile98 Custom Cruiser (Model L)2-Door Club Coupe
1941Oldsmobile98 Custom Cruiser (Model L)4-Door Sedan
1941OldsmobileSeries 66 (Model F)2-Door Business Coupe
1941OldsmobileSeries 66 (Model F)2-Door Club Coupe
1941OldsmobileSeries 66 (Model F)2-Door Sedan
1941OldsmobileSeries 66 (Model F)4-Door Sedan
1941OldsmobileSeries 66 (Model F)4-Door Station Wagon
1941OldsmobileSeries 66 (Model F)4-Door Town Sedan
1941OldsmobileSeries 68 (Model E)2-Door Business Coupe
1941OldsmobileSeries 68 (Model E)2-Door Club Coupe
1941OldsmobileSeries 68 (Model E)2-Door Sedan
1941OldsmobileSeries 68 (Model E)4-Door Sedan
1941OldsmobileSeries 68 (Model E)4-Door Station Wagon
1941OldsmobileSeries 68 (Model E)4-Door Town Sedan
1941OldsmobileSeries 76 (Model G)2-Door Business Coupe
1941OldsmobileSeries 76 (Model G)2-Door Club Sedan
1941OldsmobileSeries 76 (Model G)2-Door Deluxe Club Sedan
1941OldsmobileSeries 76 (Model G)4-Door Deluxe Sedan
1941OldsmobileSeries 76 (Model G)4-Door Sedan
1941OldsmobileSeries 78 (Model J)2-Door Business Coupe
1941OldsmobileSeries 78 (Model J)2-Door Club Sedan
1941OldsmobileSeries 78 (Model J)2-Door Deluxe Club Sedan
1941OldsmobileSeries 78 (Model J)4-Door Deluxe Sedan
1941PontiacCustom Eight2-Door Coupe
1941PontiacCustom Eight4-Door 4-Window
1941PontiacCustom Eight4-Door 6-Window
1941PontiacCustom Six2-Door Coupe
1941PontiacCustom Six4-Door 4-Window
1941PontiacCustom Six4-Door 6-Window
1941PontiacDeluxe Torpedo Eight2-Door Business Coupe
1941PontiacDeluxe Torpedo Eight2-Door Coupe
1941PontiacDeluxe Torpedo Eight2-Door Sport Coupe
1941PontiacDeluxe Torpedo Eight4-Door 4-Window
1941PontiacDeluxe Torpedo Eight4-Door 6-Window
1941PontiacDeluxe Torpedo Six2-Door Business Coupe
1941PontiacDeluxe Torpedo Six2-Door Coupe
1941PontiacDeluxe Torpedo Six2-Door Sport Coupe
1941PontiacDeluxe Torpedo Six4-Door 4-Window
1941PontiacDeluxe Torpedo Six4-Door 6-Window
1941PontiacStreamliner Eight2-Door Coupe
1941PontiacStreamliner Eight4-Door Sedan
1941PontiacStreamliner Six2-Door Coupe
1941PontiacStreamliner Six4-Door Sedan
1941PontiacSuper Streamliner Eight2-Door Coupe
1941PontiacSuper Streamliner Eight4-Door Sedan
1941PontiacSuper Streamliner Six2-Door Coupe
1941PontiacSuper Streamliner Six4-Door Sedan
1942BuickCentury2-Door Sedanette
1942BuickCentury4-Door Sedan
1942BuickLimited4-Door Formal Sedan
1942BuickLimited4-Door Limousine (Auxillary Seats)
1942BuickLimited4-Door Limousine Sedan (Auxillary Seats)
1942BuickLimited4-Door Touring Sedan
1942BuickRoadmaster2-Door Sedanette
1942BuickRoadmaster4-Door Touring Sedan
1942BuickSpecial2-Door Business Sedanette
1942BuickSpecial2-Door Deluxe Sedanette
1942BuickSpecial2-Door Family Sedanette
1942BuickSpecial2-Door Utility Coupe
1942BuickSpecial4-Door Deluxe Touring Sedan
1942BuickSpecial4-Door Estate Wagon
1942BuickSpecial4-Door Touring Sedan
1942BuickSuper2-Door Sedanette
1942BuickSuper4-Door Touring Sedan
1942Oldsmobile98 Custom Cruiser (Model L)2-Door Club Coupe
1942Oldsmobile98 Custom Cruiser (Model L)4-Door Sedan
1942OldsmobileSeries 66 (Model F)2-Door Business Coupe
1942OldsmobileSeries 66 (Model F)2-Door Club Coupe
1942OldsmobileSeries 66 (Model F)2-Door Club Sedan
1942OldsmobileSeries 66 (Model F)2-Door Convertible
1942OldsmobileSeries 66 (Model F)2-Door Sedan
1942OldsmobileSeries 66 (Model F)4-Door Sedan
1942OldsmobileSeries 66 (Model F)4-Door Station Wagon
1942OldsmobileSeries 66 (Model F)4-Door Town Sedan
1942OldsmobileSeries 68 (Model E)2-Door Business Coupe
1942OldsmobileSeries 68 (Model E)2-Door Club Coupe
1942OldsmobileSeries 68 (Model E)2-Door Club Sedan
1942OldsmobileSeries 68 (Model E)2-Door Sedan
1942OldsmobileSeries 68 (Model E)4-Door Sedan
1942OldsmobileSeries 68 (Model E)4-Door Station Wagon
1942OldsmobileSeries 68 (Model E)4-Door Town Sedan
1942OldsmobileSeries 76 (Model G)2-Door Club Sedan
1942OldsmobileSeries 76 (Model G)2-Door Deluxe Club Sedan
1942OldsmobileSeries 76 (Model G)4-Door Deluxe Sedan
1942OldsmobileSeries 76 (Model G)4-Door Sedan
1942OldsmobileSeries 78 (Model J)2-Door Club Sedan
1942OldsmobileSeries 78 (Model J)2-Door Deluxe Club Sedan
1942OldsmobileSeries 78 (Model J)4-Door Deluxe Sedan
1942OldsmobileSeries 78 (Model J)4-Door Sedan
1942PontiacChieftain (Streamliner Eight)2-Door Coupe
1942PontiacChieftain (Streamliner Eight)4-Door 6-Window
1942PontiacChieftain (Streamliner Eight)4-Door Wagon
1942PontiacChieftan (Streamliner Six)2-Door Coupe
1942PontiacChieftan (Streamliner Six)4-Door 6-Window
1942PontiacChieftan (Streamliner Six)4-Door Wagon
1942PontiacStreamliner Eight2-Door Coupe
1942PontiacStreamliner Eight4-Door 6-Window
1942PontiacStreamliner Eight4-Door Wagon
1942PontiacStreamliner Six2-Door Coupe
1942PontiacStreamliner Six4-Door 6-Window
1942PontiacStreamliner Six4-Door Wagon
1942PontiacTorpedo Eight2-Door Business Coupe
1942PontiacTorpedo Eight2-Door Coupe
1942PontiacTorpedo Eight2-Door Sedan Coupe
1942PontiacTorpedo Eight2-Door Sport Coupe
1942PontiacTorpedo Eight4-Door 4-Window
1942PontiacTorpedo Eight4-Door 6-Window
1942PontiacTorpedo Six2-Door Business Coupe
1942PontiacTorpedo Six2-Door Coupe
1942PontiacTorpedo Six2-Door Sedan Coupe
1942PontiacTorpedo Six2-Door Sport Coupe
1942PontiacTorpedo Six4-Door 4-Window
1942PontiacTorpedo Six4-Door 6-Window
1946BuickRoadmaster2-Door Sedanette
1946BuickRoadmaster4-Door Sedan
1946BuickSpecial2-Door Sedanette
1946BuickSpecial4-Door Sedan
1946BuickSuper2-Door Sedanette
1946BuickSuper4-Door Estate Wagon
1946BuickSuper4-Door Sedan
1946OldsmobileSeries 66 Special2-Door Business Coupe
1946OldsmobileSeries 66 Special2-Door Club Coupe
1946OldsmobileSeries 66 Special2-Door Club Sedan
1946OldsmobileSeries 66 Special4-Door Sedan
1946OldsmobileSeries 66 Special4-Door Station Wagon
1946OldsmobileSeries 76 Dynamic2-Door Club Sedan
1946OldsmobileSeries 76 Dynamic2-Door Deluxe Club Sedan
1946OldsmobileSeries 76 Dynamic4-Door Deluxe Sedan
1946OldsmobileSeries 76 Dynamic4-Door Sedan
1946OldsmobileSeries 78 Dynamic2-Door Club Sedan
1946OldsmobileSeries 78 Dynamic2-Door Deluxe Club Sedan
1946OldsmobileSeries 78 Dynamic4-Door Deluxe Sedan
1946OldsmobileSeries 78 Dynamic4-Door Sedan
1946OldsmobileSeries 98 Custom Cruiser2-Door Club Sedan
1946OldsmobileSeries 98 Custom Cruiser4-Door Sedan
1946PontiacStreamliner Eight2-Door Coupe
1946PontiacStreamliner Eight4-Door Sedan
1946PontiacStreamliner Eight4-Door Wagon
1946PontiacStreamliner Six2-Door Coupe
1946PontiacStreamliner Six4-Door Sedan
1946PontiacStreamliner Six4-Door Wagon
1946PontiacTorpedo Eight2-Door Business Coupe
1946PontiacTorpedo Eight2-Door Coupe
1946PontiacTorpedo Eight2-Door Sedan Coupe
1946PontiacTorpedo Eight2-Door Sport Coupe
1946PontiacTorpedo Eight4-Door Sedan
1946PontiacTorpedo Six2-Door Business Coupe
1946PontiacTorpedo Six2-Door Coupe
1946PontiacTorpedo Six2-Door Sedan Coupe
1946PontiacTorpedo Six2-Door Sport Coupe
1946PontiacTorpedo Six4-Door Sedan
1947BuickRoadmaster2-Door Sedanette
1947BuickRoadmaster4-Door Estate Wagon
1947BuickRoadmaster4-Door Sedan
1947BuickSpecial2-Door Sedanette
1947BuickSpecial4-Door Sedan
1947BuickSuper2-Door Sedanette
1947BuickSuper4-Door Estate Wagon
1947BuickSuper4-Door Sedan
1947OldsmobileSeries 66 Special2-Door Business Coupe
1947OldsmobileSeries 66 Special2-Door Club Coupe
1947OldsmobileSeries 66 Special2-Door Club Sedan
1947OldsmobileSeries 66 Special4-Door Sedan
1947OldsmobileSeries 66 Special4-Door Station Wagon
1947OldsmobileSeries 68 Special2-Door Business Coupe
1947OldsmobileSeries 68 Special2-Door Club Coupe
1947OldsmobileSeries 68 Special2-Door Club Sedan
1947OldsmobileSeries 68 Special4-Door Sedan
1947OldsmobileSeries 68 Special4-Door Station Wagon
1947OldsmobileSeries 76 Dynamic2-Door Club Sedan
1947OldsmobileSeries 76 Dynamic2-Door Deluxe Club Sedan
1947OldsmobileSeries 76 Dynamic4-Door Deluxe Sedan
1947OldsmobileSeries 76 Dynamic4-Door Sedan
1947OldsmobileSeries 78 Dynamic2-Door Club Sedan
1947OldsmobileSeries 78 Dynamic2-Door Deluxe Club Sedan
1947OldsmobileSeries 78 Dynamic4-Door Deluxe Sedan
1947OldsmobileSeries 78 Dynamic4-Door Sedan
1947OldsmobileSeries 98 Custom Cruiser2-Door Club Sedan
1947OldsmobileSeries 98 Custom Cruiser4-Door Sedan
1947PontiacStreamliner Eight2-Door Coupe
1947PontiacStreamliner Eight4-Door Sedan
1947PontiacStreamliner Eight4-Door Wagon
1947PontiacStreamliner Six2-Door Coupe
1947PontiacStreamliner Six4-Door Sedan
1947PontiacStreamliner Six4-Door Wagon
1947PontiacTorpedo Eight2-Door Business Coupe
1947PontiacTorpedo Eight2-Door Coupe
1947PontiacTorpedo Eight2-Door Sedan Coupe
1947PontiacTorpedo Eight2-Door Sport Coupe
1947PontiacTorpedo Eight4-Door Sedan
1947PontiacTorpedo Six2-Door Business Coupe
1947PontiacTorpedo Six2-Door Coupe
1947PontiacTorpedo Six2-Door Sedan Coupe
1947PontiacTorpedo Six2-Door Sport Coupe
1947PontiacTorpedo Six4-Door Sedan
1948BuickRoadmaster2-Door Sedanette
1948BuickRoadmaster4-Door Estate Wagon
1948BuickRoadmaster4-Door Sedan
1948BuickSpecial2-Door Sedanette
1948BuickSpecial4-Door Sedan
1948BuickSuper2-Door Sedanette
1948BuickSuper4-Door Estate Wagon
1948BuickSuper4-Door Sedan
1948OldsmobileSeries 66 Special2-Door Club Coupe
1948OldsmobileSeries 66 Special2-Door Club Sedan
1948OldsmobileSeries 66 Special2-Door Deluxe Club Coupe
1948OldsmobileSeries 66 Special2-Door Deluxe Club Sedan
1948OldsmobileSeries 66 Special4-Door Deluxe Sedan
1948OldsmobileSeries 66 Special4-Door Deluxe Station Wagon
1948OldsmobileSeries 66 Special4-Door Sedan
1948OldsmobileSeries 66 Special4-Door Station Wagon
1948OldsmobileSeries 68 Special2-Door Club Coupe
1948OldsmobileSeries 68 Special2-Door Club Sedan
1948OldsmobileSeries 68 Special2-Door Deluxe Club Coupe
1948OldsmobileSeries 68 Special2-Door Deluxe Club Sedan
1948OldsmobileSeries 68 Special4-Door Deluxe Sedan
1948OldsmobileSeries 68 Special4-Door Deluxe Station Wagon
1948OldsmobileSeries 68 Special4-Door Sedan
1948OldsmobileSeries 68 Special4-Door Station Wagon
1948OldsmobileSeries 76 Dynamic2-Door Club Sedan
1948OldsmobileSeries 76 Dynamic2-Door Deluxe Club Sedan
1948OldsmobileSeries 76 Dynamic4-Door Deluxe Sedan
1948OldsmobileSeries 76 Dynamic4-Door Sedan
1948OldsmobileSeries 78 Dynamic2-Door Club Sedan
1948OldsmobileSeries 78 Dynamic2-Door Deluxe Club Sedan
1948OldsmobileSeries 78 Dynamic4-Door Deluxe Sedan
1948OldsmobileSeries 78 Dynamic4-Door Sedan
1948OldsmobileSeries 98 Futuramic2-Door Club Sedan
1948OldsmobileSeries 98 Futuramic2-Door Deluxe Club Sedan
1948OldsmobileSeries 98 Futuramic4-Door Deluxe Sedan
1948OldsmobileSeries 98 Futuramic4-Door Sedan
1948PontiacStreamliner Eight2-Door Coupe
1948PontiacStreamliner Eight2-Door Deluxe Coupe
1948PontiacStreamliner Eight4-Door Deluxe Sedan
1948PontiacStreamliner Eight4-Door Deluxe Station Wagon
1948PontiacStreamliner Eight4-Door Sedan
1948PontiacStreamliner Eight4-Door Station Wagon
1948PontiacStreamliner Six2-Door Coupe
1948PontiacStreamliner Six2-Door Deluxe Coupe
1948PontiacStreamliner Six4-Door Deluxe Sedan
1948PontiacStreamliner Six4-Door Deluxe Station Wagon
1948PontiacStreamliner Six4-Door Sedan
1948PontiacStreamliner Six4-Door Station Wagon
1948PontiacTorpedo Eight2-Door Business Coupe
1948PontiacTorpedo Eight2-Door Coupe
1948PontiacTorpedo Eight2-Door Deluxe Sedan Coupe
1948PontiacTorpedo Eight2-Door Sedan Coupe
1948PontiacTorpedo Eight2-Door Sport Coupe
1948PontiacTorpedo Eight4-Door Deluxe Sedan
1948PontiacTorpedo Eight4-Door Sedan
1948PontiacTorpedo Six2-Door Business Coupe
1948PontiacTorpedo Six2-Door Coupe
1948PontiacTorpedo Six2-Door Deluxe Sedan Coupe
1948PontiacTorpedo Six2-Door Sedan Coupe
1948PontiacTorpedo Six2-Door Sport Coupe
1948PontiacTorpedo Six4-Door Deluxe Sedan
1948PontiacTorpedo Six4-Door Sedan
1949BuickRoadmaster2-Door Riviera Coupe
1949BuickRoadmaster2-Door Sedanette
1949BuickRoadmaster4-Door Estate Wagon
1949BuickRoadmaster4-Door Sedan
1949BuickSpecial2-Door Sedanette
1949BuickSpecial4-Door Sedan
1949BuickSuper2-Door Sedanette
1949BuickSuper4-Door Estate Wagon
1949BuickSuper4-Door Sedan
1949OldsmobileSeries 762-Door Club Coupe
1949OldsmobileSeries 762-Door Club Sedan
1949OldsmobileSeries 762-Door Deluxe Club Coupe
1949OldsmobileSeries 762-Door Deluxe Club Sedan
1949OldsmobileSeries 764-Door Deluxe Sedan (Notch Back)
1949OldsmobileSeries 764-Door Deluxe Sedan (Sloping Back)
1949OldsmobileSeries 764-Door Sedan (Notch Back)
1949OldsmobileSeries 764-Door Sedan (Sloping Back)
1949OldsmobileSeries 764-Door Station Wagon
1949OldsmobileSeries 882-Door Club Coupe
1949OldsmobileSeries 882-Door Club Sedan
1949OldsmobileSeries 882-Door Deluxe Club Coupe
1949OldsmobileSeries 882-Door Deluxe Club Sedan
1949OldsmobileSeries 884-Door Deluxe Sedan (Notch Back)
1949OldsmobileSeries 884-Door Deluxe Sedan (Sloping Back)
1949OldsmobileSeries 884-Door Sedan (Notch Back)
1949OldsmobileSeries 884-Door Sedan (Sloping Back)
1949OldsmobileSeries 884-Door Station Wagon
1949OldsmobileSeries 982-Door Club Sedan
1949OldsmobileSeries 982-Door Deluxe Club Sedan
1949OldsmobileSeries 982-Door Holiday Coupe
1949OldsmobileSeries 984-Door Deluxe Sedan
1949OldsmobileSeries 984-Door Sedan
1949PontiacChieftain2-Door Business Coupe
1949PontiacChieftain2-Door Coupe
1949PontiacChieftain2-Door Deluxe Coupe
1949PontiacChieftain2-Door Deluxe Sedan
1949PontiacChieftain2-Door Sedan
1949PontiacChieftain4-Door Deluxe Sedan
1949PontiacChieftain4-Door Sedan
1949PontiacStreamliner2-Door Coupe
1949PontiacStreamliner2-Door Delivery Sedan
1949PontiacStreamliner2-Door Deluxe Coupe
1949PontiacStreamliner4-Door Deluxe Sedan
1949PontiacStreamliner4-Door Deluxe Station Wagon (Metal)
1949PontiacStreamliner4-Door Deluxe Station Wagon (Wood)
1949PontiacStreamliner4-Door Sedan
1949PontiacStreamliner4-Door Station Wagon (Metal)
1949PontiacStreamliner4-Door Station Wagon (Wood)
1950BuickRoadmaster2-Door Jetback Sedanette
1950BuickRoadmaster4-Door Estate Wagon
1950BuickRoadmaster4-Door Riviera Estate Wagon
1950BuickRoadmaster4-Door Sedan
1950BuickSpecial Series2-Door Business Coupe
1950BuickSpecial Series2-Door Deluxe Jetback Sedanette
1950BuickSpecial Series2-Door Jetback Sedanette
1950BuickSpecial Series4-Door Deluxe Sedan
1950BuickSpecial Series4-Door Jetback Sedan
1950BuickSpecial Series4-Door Sedan
1950BuickSuper Series2-Door Jetback Sedanette
1950BuickSuper Series4-Door Estate Wagon
1950BuickSuper Series4-Door Sedan
1950OldsmobileSeries 762-Door Club Coupe
1950OldsmobileSeries 762-Door Deluxe Club Coupe
1950OldsmobileSeries 762-Door Deluxe Sedan
1950OldsmobileSeries 762-Door Sedan
1950OldsmobileSeries 764-Door Deluxe Sedan
1950OldsmobileSeries 764-Door Deluxe Station Wagon
1950OldsmobileSeries 764-Door Sedan
1950OldsmobileSeries 764-Door Station Wagon
1950OldsmobileSeries 882-Door Club Coupe
1950OldsmobileSeries 882-Door Deluxe Club Coupe
1950OldsmobileSeries 882-Door Deluxe Sedan
1950OldsmobileSeries 882-Door Sedan
1950OldsmobileSeries 884-Door Deluxe Sedan
1950OldsmobileSeries 884-Door Deluxe Station Wagon
1950OldsmobileSeries 884-Door Sedan
1950OldsmobileSeries 884-Door Station Wagon
1950OldsmobileSeries 984-Door Deluxe Sedan
1950OldsmobileSeries 984-Door Deluxe Town Sedan
1950OldsmobileSeries 984-Door Sedan
1950OldsmobileSeries 984-Door Town Sedan
1950PontiacChieftain2-Door Business Coupe
1950PontiacChieftain2-Door Coupe
1950PontiacChieftain2-Door Deluxe Coupe
1950PontiacChieftain2-Door Deluxe Sedan
1950PontiacChieftain4-Door Deluxe Sedan
1950PontiacChieftain4-Door Sedan
1950PontiacStreamliner2-Door Coupe
1950PontiacStreamliner2-Door Deluxe Coupe
1950PontiacStreamliner4-Door Deluxe Sedan
1950PontiacStreamliner4-Door Deluxe Station Wagon
1950PontiacStreamliner4-Door Sedan
1950PontiacStreamliner4-Door Station Wagon
1951BuickRoadmaster4-Door Estate Wagon
1951BuickSpecial Series2-Door Deluxe Tourback Sedan
1951BuickSpecial Series2-Door Sport Coupe
1951BuickSuper Series2-Door Sedanette
1951BuickSuper Series4-Door Estate Wagon
1951BuickSuper Series4-Door Riviera Sedan
1951BuickSuper Series4-Door Riviera Sedan (Power Windows)
1951BuickSuper Series4-Door Sedan
1951OldsmobileSeries 882-Door Sedan
1951OldsmobileSeries 884-Door Sedan
1951OldsmobileSuper 882-Door Deluxe Sedan
1951OldsmobileSuper 884-Door Deluxe Sedan
1951PontiacChieftain2-Door Business Coupe
1951PontiacChieftain2-Door Coupe
1951PontiacChieftain2-Door Deluxe Coupe
1951PontiacChieftain2-Door Deluxe Sedan
1951PontiacChieftain2-Door Sedan
1951PontiacChieftain4-Door Deluxe Sedan
1951PontiacChieftain4-Door Sedan
1951PontiacStreamliner2-Door Coupe
1951PontiacStreamliner2-Door Delivery Sedan
1951PontiacStreamliner2-Door Deluxe Coupe
1951PontiacStreamliner4-Door Deluxe Station Wagon
1951PontiacStreamliner4-Door Station Wagon
1952BuickRoadmaster4-Door Estate Wagon
1952BuickSpecial Series2-Door Deluxe Tourback Sedan
1952BuickSpecial Series2-Door Riviera Coupe
1952BuickSpecial Series4-Door Deluxe Tourback Sedan
1952BuickSpecial Series4-Door Tourback Sedan
1952BuickSuper Series4-Door Estate Wagon
1952BuickSuper Series4-Door Riviera Sedan
1952BuickSuper Series4-Door Riviera Sedan (Power Windows)
1952OldsmobileDeluxe 882-Door Sedan
1952OldsmobileDeluxe 884-Door Sedan
1952OldsmobileSeries 984-Door Deluxe Sedan
1952OldsmobileSuper 882-Door Deluxe Club Coupe
1952OldsmobileSuper 882-Door Deluxe Sedan
1952OldsmobileSuper 884-Door Deluxe Sedan
1952PontiacChieftain2-Door Deluxe Sedan
1952PontiacChieftain2-Door Sedan
1952PontiacChieftain4-Door Deluxe Sedan
1952PontiacChieftain4-Door Sedan
1952PontiacChieftain4-Door Station Wagon
1953BuickRoadmaster4-Door Estate Wagon
1953BuickRoadmaster4-Door Sedan
1953BuickRoadmaster4-Door Sedan (Power Windows)
1953BuickSpecial Series2-Door Tourback Sedan
1953BuickSpecial Series4-Door Tourback Sedan
1953BuickSuper Series4-Door Estate Wagon
1953BuickSuper Series4-Door Riviera Sedan
1953BuickSuper Series4-Door Riviera Sedan (Power Windows)
1953OldsmobileDeluxe 882-Door Sedan
1953OldsmobileDeluxe 884-Door Sedan
1953OldsmobileSeries 984-Door Deluxe Sedan
1953OldsmobileSuper 882-Door Deluxe Sedan
1953OldsmobileSuper 884-Door Deluxe Sedan
1953PontiacChieftain2-Door Deluxe Sedan
1953PontiacChieftain2-Door Sedan
1953PontiacChieftain4-Door Deluxe Sedan
1953PontiacChieftain4-Door Deluxe Station Wagon
1953PontiacChieftain4-Door Sedan
1953PontiacChieftain4-Door Station Wagon (2 Seat)
1953PontiacChieftain4-Door Station Wagon (3 Seat)
1954BuickCentury Series4-Door Riviera Estate Wagon
1954BuickCentury Series4-Door Tourback Sedan
1954BuickRoadmaster4-Door Sedan
1954BuickSpecial Series2-Door Tourback Sedan
1954BuickSpecial Series4-Door Estate Wagon
1954BuickSpecial Series4-Door Tourback Sedan
1954BuickSuper Series4-Door Riviera Sedan
1954OldsmobileSeries 882-Door Sedan
1954OldsmobileSeries 884-Door Sedan
1954OldsmobileSeries 984-Door Deluxe Sedan
1954OldsmobileSuper 882-Door Deluxe Sedan
1954OldsmobileSuper 884-Door Deluxe Sedan
1954PontiacChieftain2-Door Deluxe Sedan
1954PontiacChieftain2-Door Sedan
1954PontiacChieftain4-Door Deluxe Sedan
1954PontiacChieftain4-Door Deluxe Station Wagon
1954PontiacChieftain4-Door Sedan
1954PontiacChieftain4-Door Station Wagon (2 Seat)
1954PontiacChieftain4-Door Station Wagon (3 Seat)
1954PontiacStar Chief4-Door Deluxe Sedan
1954PontiacStar Chief4-Door Sedan
1955BuickCentury Series4-Door Riviera Estate Wagon
1955BuickCentury Series4-Door Tourback Sedan
1955BuickRoadmaster4-Door Sedan
1955BuickSpecial Series2-Door Tourback Sedan
1955BuickSpecial Series4-Door Estate Wagon
1955BuickSpecial Series4-Door Tourback Sedan
1955BuickSuper Series4-Door Sedan
1955OldsmobileSeries 882-Door Sedan
1955OldsmobileSeries 884-Door Sedan
1955OldsmobileSeries 984-Door Deluxe Sedan
1955OldsmobileSuper 882-Door Deluxe Sedan
1955OldsmobileSuper 884-Door Deluxe Sedan
1955PontiacChieftain2-Door Deluxe Sedan
1955PontiacChieftain2-Door Sedan
1955PontiacChieftain2-Door Station Wagon
1955PontiacChieftain4-Door Deluxe Sedan
1955PontiacChieftain4-Door Deluxe Station Wagon
1955PontiacChieftain4-Door Sedan
1955PontiacChieftain4-Door Station Wagon
1955PontiacStar Chief4-Door Deluxe Sedan
1955PontiacStar Chief4-Door Sedan
1956BuickCentury Series4-Door Riviera Estate Wagon
1956BuickRoadmaster4-Door Sedan
1956BuickSpecial Series2-Door Convertible
1956BuickSpecial Series2-Door Tourback Sedan
1956BuickSpecial Series4-Door Estate Wagon
1956BuickSpecial Series4-Door Tourback Sedan
1956BuickSuper Series4-Door Sedan
1956OldsmobileSeries 884-Door Sedan
1956OldsmobileSeries 984-Door Deluxe Sedan
1956OldsmobileSuper 882-Door Deluxe Sedan
1956OldsmobileSuper 884-Door Deluxe Sedan
1956PontiacChieftain2-Door Sedan
1956PontiacChieftain2-Door Station Wagon
1956PontiacChieftain4-Door Deluxe Sedan
1956PontiacChieftain4-Door Deluxe Station Wagon
1956PontiacChieftain4-Door Sedan
1956PontiacChieftain4-Door Station Wagon
1956PontiacStar Chief4-Door Sedan
1957PontiacChieftain2-Door Sedan
1957PontiacChieftain2-Door Station Wagon
1957PontiacChieftain4-Door Sedan
1957PontiacChieftain4-Door Station Wagon
1957PontiacStar Chief4-Door Safari Station Wagon
1957PontiacStar Chief4-Door Sedan
1957PontiacStar Chief4-Door Sedan Super

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