1957 1958 Buick Steering Column Rubber Floorplate

1957 1958 Buick Steering Column Rubber Floorplate

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1950-1958 Oldsmobile (See Details) Black Rubber Gear Shift Boot


1957 1958 Buick Steering Column Rubber Floorplate



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This is a steering column floor plate. This is rubber with a metal core like the original part. Replaces part # 1175037.


Length: 9.812 Inches

Width: 6.625 Inches

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1957BuickCentury Series2-Door Convertible
1957BuickCentury Series2-Door Riviera Coupe
1957BuickCentury Series4-Door Riviera Estate Wagon
1957BuickCentury Series4-Door Riviera Sedan
1957BuickCentury Series4-Door Sedan
1957BuickRoadmaster2-Door Convertible
1957BuickRoadmaster2-Door Riviera Coupe
1957BuickRoadmaster4-Door Riviera Sedan
1957BuickSpecial Series2-Door Convertible
1957BuickSpecial Series2-Door Riviera Coupe
1957BuickSpecial Series2-Door Sedan
1957BuickSpecial Series4-Door Estate Wagon
1957BuickSpecial Series4-Door Riviera Estate Wagon
1957BuickSpecial Series4-Door Riviera Sedan
1957BuickSpecial Series4-Door Sedan
1957BuickSuper Series2-Door Convertible
1957BuickSuper Series2-Door Riviera Coupe
1957BuickSuper Series4-Door Riviera Sedan
1958BuickCentury Series2-Door Convertible
1958BuickCentury Series2-Door Riviera Coupe
1958BuickCentury Series4-Door Riviera Estate Wagon
1958BuickCentury Series4-Door Riviera Sedan
1958BuickCentury Series4-Door Sedan
1958BuickLimited2-Door Convertible
1958BuickLimited2-Door Riviera Coupe
1958BuickLimited4-Door Riviera Sedan
1958BuickRoadmaster2-Door Convertible
1958BuickRoadmaster2-Door Riviera Coupe
1958BuickRoadmaster4-Door Riviera Sedan
1958BuickSuper Series2-Door Riviera Coupe
1958BuickSuper Series4-Door Riviera Sedan

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